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Recycling since 1888.

What We Do

Over 100 years of experience. Services designed to suit your needs. Low cost. High environmental impact. Security and trust. This is what recycling should be.


Why We Recycle

We offer the services, prices and quality that Canadian businesses want and need.


We create Canadian jobs


We protect the Canadian Environment

How It Gets Done


Get to know us

PFI provides recycling services to corporate, municipal and printing-company accounts. While we don’t accept residential accounts, we do accept drop-offs from “junk removal” companies.


Want to drop off your recycling?

We have a truck-scale and tipping floor for roll-off and compactor trucks, and 10 dock-height receiving bays for large trucks and trailers. Drop offs are received from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.


Want us to pick up your recycling?

PFI has a fleet of trucks, including tractor-trailer, compactor, straight and “roll-off” trucks. We also have the equipment needed to efficiently handle your recycling, from bins to balers and beyond.


What do you have to recycle?

PFI accepts almost all grades of paper as well as plastic film and other types of plastic volume-permitting


Special services for the printing industry...

In addition to recycling, PFI offers a wide-range of services for the printing industry, from equipment supplies and installation to material handling equipment and financing.


To talk to a representative call (905) 672 - 7222 or email [email protected]