Paper Pickup | Paper Fibres

PFI has an extensive fleet of trucks featuring tractor-trailers, roll-off trucks, compactors and straight trucks. We pick up boxed and skidded records from your office or record retention facility, and process them internally, ensuring that your confidentiality and privacy needs are met. Don’t worry about fasteners (staples, etc.) – we’ll remove them for you.

But that’s only begins to address the pick-up services we offer. We also supply and install efficiency equipment to ensure effective pick-ups, including compactors, air systems, bin dumpers and other material handling equipment, and offer financing to make all of these products affordable.

Our goal is to ensure that you’re able to achieve your recycling objectives efficiently and effectively. Not only do we pay market rates on all grades of paper, we also don’t charge for most pick up services (like shredding companies) – we help you turn waste into revenue.