FAQ | Paper Fibres

What We Do

Paper Fibres Inc. is known in the industry as a “Grader, Packer and Broker”. All the paper we process in our plant, be it dropped off or picked up in one of our 16 trucks, is separated into its grade type, (graders). Once separated we bale these types of paper, (packers) and ship them to Paper Mills all over the world. We also market baled paper for government and private industries. (Brokers)


Why We Should All Recycle

Paper recycling is very important to the environment. Each ton of paper we recycle saves approximately 19 trees; it also saves 90 cubic feet of landfill space. One acre of trees remove up to 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide, and one tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen per year.

One sheet of paper can be recycled 7 times, that is to say that after 5 to 7 times through the recycling process individual paper fibres in the sheet become too small and slip through the screen with the waste water. Paper Mills that use recyclable paper rather than trees use less electricity and water and produce less air and waste water pollutants.


How Paper Is Recycled

There are many different types of paper but generally the principle of how they are recycled is the same. The paper mills cut the bales of paper open and dumps them into a huge vat of circulating water. Think of a huge slow moving blender. The paper is then turned into a mash. From there it passes through a screen, which removes any non-paper products like glass, non-water soluble glues, stables, and other contaminates.

The mash is now sprayed onto a felt conveyor and two rollers along the conveyor squeeze out approximately 50% of the water. The conveyor belt then runs through huge dryers, which can be 50 feet or more in length. The paper is then collected on rolls.


What Gets Made Out of Recycled Paper

There are many different products made out of recycled paper. The shingles on your house are most likely made out of a recycled cardboard / newsprint mix, which is then dipped in asphalt, sprayed with tar and sprinkled with small stones.

Newspaper is generally made into more newsprint. There are many paper mills which use 100% recycled paper to make their newsprint.

Fine papers, like writing paper, posters etc., are generally used to make the tissue grades, paper towel, bathroom tissue and napkins.

Cardboard is generally made into cardboard but can be used to make a host of things such as boxboard, brown napkin, shingles, paper bags, etc.